Scarring, mangling injuries, birth defects and even genetic abnormalities seriously affect the way in which individuals function and how they feel about themselves. Plastic surgery has been known as a generalized cosmetic procedure based solely on aesthetics. However, at the Soderstrom Skin Institute many of the cases seen are for those in need of reconstructive surgery.

In its most general form, reconstructive surgery restores malfunctioning parts of the body. More specifically, our board certified plastic surgeon can operate on the head, neck, body and face to restore appearance and function after trauma. Examples of reconstructive surgeries performed at the Soderstrom Skin Institute include breast lift/reduction, carpal tunnel syndrome, facial trauma, replantation surgeries and scar revisions.

Our goal is to help patients feel better physically and emotionally by giving them the most comprehensive preoperative consultation and postoperative care. 

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Breast Lift / Reduction Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Facial Trauma Replantation Surgery
Scar Revision